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What to Look for in a Tattoo Removal Clinic / Technician

I've been a Tattoo Removal Technician / Certified Laser Technicial / Laser Safety Officer for 14 years, and have run NewSkin for all of that time. I regularly get calls that are solely centered on price - and while price is an understandable concern, it should not be the main factor that drives your decision in choosing a provider / deciding to get a tattoo removed.

Tattoo removal is a process - and it can take a while for complete removal. You want to work with a clinic / provider that you feel comfortable with and trust. First and foremost you should ascertain the level of experience the technician has. Tattoo removal has gained popularity in the last decade, and many Laser / Medi Spa's, dermatologist offices, and other venues are now offering tattoo removal. But not all providers are the same! At a minimum you should be concerned with:

  • How long the technician has been doing laser tattoo removal

  • What kind of training they had specifically for tattoo removal

  • What laser do they use, and how long have they been using it

  • Do they have any client testimonials

In the end, go with who you feel more comfortable with, but do your due dilligence as a consumer!

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