Tattoo Removal
(see reference picture)
we can completely remove a tattoo

Tattoo Lightening
(see reference picture)
we can lighten your tattoo to enable it to be covered with new art

Partial Tattoo Removal
(see reference picture)
we can remove only part of your tattoo, leaving the rest intact

We are dedicated specialists at tattoo removal – this is all we do. Your procedure will be performed by a Certified Laser Specialist trained specifically in tattoo removal. Our lasers are the gold standard for tattoo removal. All of our clinics are supervised by a Medical Director who is a practicing Medical Doctor.

“laser spas” and other clinics that offer multiple treatments (hair removal, laser lipo, etc.), as many of these clinics utilize “multi-use” or outdated lasers that are not as safe and effective for tattoo removal. Be sure to check with any provider to be sure that they are using a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser that is FDA approved for laser tattoo removal, and that the person performing the procedure is a trained specialist in tattoo removal.

For any further info please contact us at:
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